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On vacation with kids to: North Dakota, USA.

North Dakota is a state in both the Midwestern and Western regions of the United States of America. North Dakota is bordered on the north by Canada, on the west by Montana, on the south by South Dakota and on the east by Minnesota.

North Dakota is the northernmost of the Great Plains states and is the northern half of The Dakotas. North Dakota was formerly part of Dakota Territory, is named after the Dakota tribe of Native Americans and became a state in 1889. During the 19th century North Dakota was considered a Wild West State. The Missouri River flows through the western part of the state and forms Lake Sakakawea behind the Garrison Dam. The western half of the state is hilly. In the east the Red River forms the Red River Valley, which holds rich farmland. North Dakota has an estimated population of 636,677 (2005), making it the 48th state in population. The state capital is Bismarck and the largest city is Fargo wih an estimated population of 90,934 (2005).
North Dakota is a prime example of a continental climate. The climate of North Dakota can range from sweltering heat and humidity in the summers to bitter cold in the winters.
North Dakota has many opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, boating, skiing or snowmobiling, golfing (more than 100 golf courses), wildlife viewing and horseback riding. It has multiple cross-country ski trails and legendary fishing and hunting. If you’re sick of traffic, noise and stress, and you’re tired of being hemmed in by big city skyscrapers then North Dakota is the place to be. North Dakota is a laid back state and can be a great destination for a vacation with the kids.
Western North Dakota is home to the Great Plains with it's many hills and to the northern part of the Badlands. Through the Western North part of North Dakota flows the Missouri river and forms Lake Sakakawea, the third largest man-made lake in the United States, behind the Garrison Dam. In this area you'll find the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in the inspiring badlands of North Dakota. The perfect place to take a trail ride on horseback through the rock formations.
Central North Dakota is covered in lakes, stream valleys, and rolling hills. This area has the Missouri Plateau and the Drift Prairie where you'll find the Turtle Mountains.
Eastern North Dakota is home to the flat Red River Valley which flows northward into Lake Winnipeg. Farms and small towns dot the landscape of eastern North Dakota. In this area you'll find Devil's Lake, the largest natural lake in the state. Devils Lake is actually an angel of a lake for avid anglers. This big lake has 375 miles of shoreline offers plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, canoeing, swimming, hiking and other water sports.
The state capital Bismarck area features many historic stops, such as Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, the Heritage Center and the state Capitol building also called the "Skyscraper on the Prairie". Here are many attractions like the Dakota Zoo, the scenic Missouri River, Five Nations Art, the Lewis & Clark Riverboat, and the Fort Lincoln Trolley, but also there are plenty of opportunities for birding, biking, hunting, fishing, skiing or boating, or you can become a cowboy or cowgirl at a real, working cattle ranch in the Bismarck area.
The Fargo metro area is a great destinations for your family vacation too. Here you'll find excellent restaurants, shopping, golf, unique attractions, year-round festivals, concerts, theater and sporting events.
In North Dakota you’ll find lots of wide-open spaces, big blue skies that span from horizon to horizon, vast wheat fields and many more breathtaking sceneries. If you choose North Dakota to be your next family vacation destination, you not only choose for peace and quiet, space, friendly folks and a refreshing pace of life but also for a vacation with lots of opportunities for outdoor activities with the kids.

Popular cities and towns in North Dakota:

Some of the major and most popular cities and towns in North Dakota are: Fargo, Bismarck, Grand Forks and Minot.


There is a variety of family friendly and excellent hotels, motels, resorts, ski resorts, lodges, cabins, all suited for a vacation with the kids. However finding the right accommodation for your vacation with the kids can be a challenge. You can take a look at the accommodations section to find out what to look for in a accommodation suited for your children. No matter which part of North Dakota stands out to you as being the most suited for your vacation with the kids, there are accommodations in that area that can make your trip more exciting than you ever imagined. Why not check out one of the campgrounds or RV-parks North Dakota has to offer. Or why not choose a vacation rental, from cosy mountain cabins, to lake side villa, to city apartments, there are lots of family friendly North Dakota vacation rentals that will meet all your needs. As you can see North Dakota has a variety of accommodations that are well suited for your vacation with the kids.


North Dakota has much to offer for families. Here is an overview of some of the best things to do on your vacation in North Dakota with the kids.

Amusement and Theme Parks:
Bonanzaville USA
Prairie Rose Carousel
Thunder Road Family Fun Park

Waterparks and water fun:
Raging Rivers WaterPark
Splashdown Indoor Water Park
Water World

North Dakota zoos:
Chahinkapa Zoo
Dakota Zoo
Red River Zoo
Roosevelt Park Zoo

Other activities and attractions:
Dakota Dinosaur Museum
Enchanted Highway
Bonanzaville USA
The International Peace Garden
Fort Totten State Historic Site
The Sitting Bull Burial State Historic Site
Fort Ransom State Historic Site


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North Dakota Tourism Division

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