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On vacation with kids to: Mississippi, USA.

Mississippi, also called the 'Hospitality State', is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America and is bordered on the north by the state of Tennessee, on the east by Alabama, on the south by Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico and on the west by Louisiana and Arkansas.

The state takes its name from the Mississippi River, which flows along its western boundary. There are however more rivers flowing through Mississippi like Big Black River, Pearl River, Yazoo River, Pascagoula River, and Tombigbee River. Mississippi also includes some lakes, most known are Ross Barnett Reservoir, Arkabutla Lake, Sardis Lake, and Grenada Lake.
Most of Mississippi is part of the East Gulf Coastal Plain and is generally composed of low hills. The rest of Mississippi is made up of a section of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain also known as the Mississippi Delta.
The capital and largest city of Mississippi is Jackson with an estimated population of 184,256 and the Jackson Metropolitan Area has an estimated population of 529,456 (estimated in 2006). The total state of Mississippi has an estimated population of 2,921,088 (estimated in 2005).
Mississippi has a warm humid subtropical climate with long summers and short, mild winters and therefore can be a great destination for a warm summer vacation with the kids. Mississippi is a perfect destination for nature lovers who can enjoy the pine forests, rolling hills and the banks of the Mississippi River, beach lovers who can enjoy the beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and history lovers, who can enjoy Mississippi's ancient trails and Civil War memorabilia.
For the family vacation, Mississippi will keep you entertained in so many ways, that you may even want to stay.
The Hills Region, Northern Mississippi is a landscape of rolling hills, lush valleys, and lakes. Here you'll find Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. In Tupelo you can visit the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum as well as a yearly festival of food and music dedicated to him.
Another Mississippi key area is the Pine Region which is, true to its name, laden with pine and hardwood forests, around farmlands. In the Pine Region you'll find the city of Aberdeen, a cultural and historic town with many recreational campgrounds.
The Delta Region’s is home to Blues Alley and catfish. This area is famous for its festivals, like the Delta Blues and Heritage Festival, but also for its gaming and resorts.
Most populair key area, also called 'Playground of the South', is the Coastal Region of Mississippi. Here you'll find 26 miles of sandy beaches and calm waters that make a natural area for water sports, boating and yachting, jet skiing, aqua-cycling, fishing and swimming. The beaches along the Gulf Coast rank along the top 10 in the nation. This popular vacation area also offers opportunities for golf, you can play golf on dozens of local courses and gambling, why not try your luck at one of the floating casinos. From here you can also cruise out to Ship Island for the best beaches.
The Capital-River Region hosts Jackson, the capital city of Mississippi and home to a variety of entertainment, shopping, and historical adventures. Casinos are a popular attraction as well., making Tunica the third most popular gaming city in the U.S. .
Mississippi has a unique blend of cities, countrysides and beaches, history and contemporary appeal but most of all is full of the excitement and fun. Mississippi has turned into a high caliber family destination and surely is suited for a great vacation with the kids.

Popular cities and towns in Mississippi:

Some of the major and most popular cities and towns in Mississippi are: Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Meridian, Southaven, Greenville, Tupelo, Olive Branch, Vicksburg, Clinton, Pascagoula and Columbus.


Mississippi offers a large variety of family friendly vacation accommodations. Mississippi vacation accommodations are located all over the state, along the gulf, deep in the forests and deltas, and downtown in the urban centers.
You can take a look at the accommodations section to find out what to look for in an accommodation suited for you and your children. Families will find a wide assortment of motels, hotels and resorts in Mississippi with prices ranging from economy to extravagant, among them many hotel chains. Many Mississippi resorts provide luxury spas, top-name entertainment, casinos and golf. Not all of them are child-friendly, but fortunately lots of Mississippi hotels and resorts are. Mississippi also offers many family friendly campgrounds all over the state. Or there is a large variety of family friendly vacation rentals available in the state of Mississippi. From beachfront condos to family-sized vacation homes, you’re sure to find a Mississippi vacation rental that’s perfect for you.
It's all up to you, Mississippi has a lot to offer and really is suited for your vacation with the kids.


Mississippi offers year round activities for your vacation with the kids. Kids of all ages will enjoy Mississippi’s attractions. With family friendly fun across the state, boredom just isn’t an option in Mississippi.

Amusement and Theme Parks:
Dentzel Carousel (Highland Park)
Marine Life Oceanarium

Waterparks and water fun:
Geyser Falls
Rapids on the Reservoir

Mississippi Zoos:
Jackson Zoological Park
Scott Aquarium
Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo

Other sites and tours to see:
Mississippi River Tours
Carriage Tours of Historic Downtown Vicksburg
Nanih Waiya Historic Site
Fort Massachusetts on Ship Island
Windsor Ruins in Port Gibson
The Magnolias in Aberdeen
Ross Barnet Reservoir in Ridgeland
Winterville Mounds Museum State Park
Armed Forces Museum
Delta Blues Museum
Natchez National Historical Park
Governor’s Mansion in Jackson
Homes and gardens tour in Brookhaven
Jerry Clower Museum in Liberty
Brice’s Crossroads near Baldwyn

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Mississippi Division of Tourism

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