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On vacation with kids to: Massachusetts, USA.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts ,often simply called Massachusetts, is a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States.

Massachusetts with its population of 6.4 million, mostly living in the Boston metropolitan area, is the most populous of the six New England states. Massachusetts capital and largest city is Boston. Massachusetts has a humid continental climate, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters. Summers are warm with average high temperatures in July above 80 °F and overnight lows above 60 ° common throughout the state. Winters are cold, but generally less extreme on the coast. As the coastal region can be described best as a "year-round playground," it's easy to see why Massachusetts is fast becoming one of the most desired vacation spots in the nation. Massachusetts also offers great opportunities for outdoor lovers and skiers, the Berkshire Mountains are a great choice with plenty of family friendly accommodations. Or visit the island of Nantucket which retains the charm of its days as a whaling port. These are just some of the reasons why Massachusetts will make a family vacation you won't forget.

Popular cities and towns in Massachusetts:

Some of the major and most popular cities and towns in Massachusetts are: Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell and Cambridge.


Massachusetts offers lots of accommodations suited for your vacation with the kids. You can take a look at the accommodations section to find out what to look for in a accommodation suited for your children. No matter which part of Massachusetts stands out to you as being the most suited for your vacation with the kids, there are accommodations in that area that can make your trip more exciting than you ever imagined. In Massachusetts you'll find lodging accommodations ranging from family friendly bed and breakfasts to mountain cabins to beach resorts to family friendly hotels. Why not check out one of the campgrounds Massachusetts has to offer. Or why not choose a vacation rental, from beach cottages to cozy mountain cabins, to lake site lodges, to Boston city apartments, there are lots of family friendly Massachusetts vacation rentals that will meet all your needs. As you can see Massachusetts has a variety of accommodations that are well suited for your vacation with the kids.


Visitors to Massachusetts, will find many great attractions and activities that can add up to a perfect vacation or holiday.

Amusement and Theme Parks:
Pirates Fun Park
Six Flags New England

Massachusetts waterparks and waterfun:
Breezy Picnic Grounds Waterslides
Water Wizz

Capron Park Zoo
Franklin Park Zoo
New England Aquarium
Stone Zoo
Zoo in Forest Park
Save Whalom Park

Other activitities for your vacation with the kids:
USS Constitution (Old Ironsides)
Whaling Museum

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Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism

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