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On vacation with kids to: Alaska, USA.

Alaska is a state of the United States of America that is located in the extreme northwest portion of the North American continent.

Alaska is one of the wealthiest and most racially diverse states in the USA and is, in terms of area, the largest U.S. state. Alaska is one of two U.S. States not bordered by another state. The state is bordered by Yukon and British Columbia, Canada to the east, the Gulf of Alaska and the Pacific Ocean to the south, the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, and Chukchi Sea to the west and the Beaufort Sea and the Arctic Ocean to the north. The name "Alaska" is derived from the Aleut ‘alaxsxaq’ and means ‘the mainland’.
Alaska has an estimated population of 626,932 (2000). The capital of Alaska is Juneau and with an estimated population of 275,043 (estimated is 2005) largest city is Anchorage.
Alaska experiences a huge range of temperatures throughout the year. Juneau and the southeast panhandle have an mid-latitude oceanic climate in the southern sections and a sub arctic oceanic climate in the northern parts. The climate in south central Alaska, with Anchorage as a typical city, is mild by Alaskan standards and can be described as a sub arctic climate. There is a myth that summers in Alaska are always cool. In fact the interior region of Alaska enjoys warm summers, some cities occasionally getting up into the 90s.
Alaska has been a magnet to adventure seekers and nature lovers and over the centuries, many travellers have stopped in Alaska. Summer is peak travel season, with hours of sunlight nearing 20 hours per day. Breathtaking fjords, more than three million lakes, wild caribou roaming are only a small taste of the wonders to explore in Alaska.
The Far North area in Alaska is only accessible by a single road on land and partially inhabited by the Inupiat Eskimos. In this area you'll find four main types of whale migration (beluga, bowhead, gray, and killer). Wildlife in this area mainly consists of reindeer, moose, and musk oxen. Visitors can watch the Eskimo Olympic events such as the greased pole walk and finger pulling contests.
Mt. Mc Kinley is the highest mountain in North America and is a feature part of the interior region of Alaska. The area is home to caribou, Dali sheep, bears, and wolves. Popular activities in this region are boating, rafting, fishing, hunting, skiing, hiking and camping. Here you can take several wildlife and scenic tours.
The Inside Passage has a a milder climate and is home to the capital of Alaska, Juneau. Juneau is nestled at the base of Mount Juneau and across the channel from Douglas Island. Juneau, has some of the most spectacular wildlife viewing in the world. The viewing of whales, brown bear and eagles is just minutes away from Juneau. In the area you'll find several wildlife tours to take you up close to some real wildlife. Another great attraction for your vacation with the kids is the Mendenhall Glacier.
In the South Central region of Alaska you'll find a diverse mixture of glaciers, fjords, beaches and lakes. Here you can view both the Orthodox churches and totem poles, and hear and see traditional Native music and dance. This region of Alaska is the more populated and easily accessible region of Alaska and is home to the city of Anchorage. For a more "cosmopolitan" environment you should visit Anchorage where you will find activities to enjoy the whole family. The metropolitan area of Anchorage is home to about half of the state's population and offers first class restaurants, nightclubs, and entertainment. Nearly all Alaska Interior-bound tourists pass through the city of Anchorage. Summer is tourist season, and downtown Anchorage, as well as the highways leading  north and south of town, are teeming with tourists. Anchorage has several recreational facilities like Alpenglow and Hilltop Ski Areas and a must visit on your vacation with the kids is the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark. Anchorage also offers a number of historical attractions including the Alaska Museum of Natural History, the Independence Mine State Historical Park, celebrating the importance of gold in the history of Alaska.
Travel in Alaska offers endless options, from exploring its vibrant Native culture to enjoying Alaska's natural wonders and wildlife. For outdoor enthusiasts Alaska offers many opportunities and can be an adventurous destination for your vacation with the kids.

Popular cities and towns in Alaska:

Some of the most popular cities and towns in Alaska are: Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and Eagle River.


Alaska offers many accommodations suited for your vacation with the kids. You can take a look at the accommodations section to see what to look for in a accommodation suited for your children. For example you can choose to stay in a cabin and get out to fully experience the wealth and beauty Alaska has to offer. Or stay in one of the family hotels or resorts Alaska has to offer. In Alaska you'll find lodging accommodations ranging from luxurious bed and breakfasts to family friendly vacation rentals and from family friendly hotels to campgrounds. No matter what you are seeking on your vacation to Alaska its important to find an accommodation that that suits your needs and price requirements.


Alaska is the perfect place for your adventures in fishing, sightseeing, whale watching, bird and bear watching and glacier hikes. But Alaska offers more. Below we listed some family friendly attractions.

Alaska amusement and theme Parks
Pioneer Park

Alaska waterparks
H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark

Alaska Zoos
Alaska SeaLife Center
Alaska Raptor Center
Alaska Zoo

Other sites and tours worth visiting on your vacation with the kids. 
Mendenhall Glacier
Walking tour of Cape Smythe Whaling and Trading Station in Barrow
Kotzebue and NANA museums in Kotzebue
Salmon Lake Campground and walking tour of the town and museum in Nome
The Sullivan Roadhouse Museum in Delta Junction
Rika's Roadhouse and Landing in the Big Delta State Historical Park in Delta Junction
Alaska Homestead and Historical Museum in Delta Junction
Beautiful Hammer Slough in Petersburg
Imaginarium: Science Discovery Center

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